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Post  United Nations on Mon Aug 30, 2010 4:14 pm

We would like to keep this RP as canon as possible guys.

Historically pairings are allowed, if we approve them yes? Send us your historical pairing, your reasons and we'll tell if it's okay.

America ——- Lithuania (Quite a canon couple, if we take in account Lithuania lived in America’s house after WWII, and thanks to the christmas strip, we could say they could have been lovers)

Austria -> <- Hungary (canon) (Hungary pays attention to Austria the most)

Austria ——- Switzerland (canon) (Maybe Switzerland has some feelings towards Austria, but the switzerland RP has to “hate” Austria (Tsundere). Austria haven’t expressed interest in Switzerland in that way.)

Belarus -> Russia (canon) (One-sided, Russia is scared of her, though he can stand/talk with her if she’s calm and not in the “NII-SAN MARRY ME” mood)

Denmark ——— Norway (Norway has showed to be annoyed by Denmark, but perhaps Denmark is unaware of this, or simply ignores it.)

England ——- Japan (canon) (friends, up to the RPers if they want to act as a pairing)

Spain -> Romano (Well, actually in the canon, we haven’t seen Romano acting like that around Spain, but the typical Tsundere!Romano is allowed)

France -> UK (France has showed concern for UK, so he might feel something for him. UK hates him XD.)

France -> Seychelles (Up to the RPers, but in canon France raised her. And in an official strip he groped her. Seychelles seems to be the tsundere type.)

France -> Spain (canon) (France aparently likes to grope and kiss spain, but Spain isn’t aware of this)

Germany -><- Italia (canon)

Greece -> Japan (It’s completely obvious that greece has a crush on Japan, but the last one has showed an awkward actitude towards greece’s feelings.)

Japan <- China (canon) (China showed feelings for Japan, but Japan doesn't seems to recipocrate his feelings.)

Japan <- Taiwan (Taiwan seems to like Japan.)

Korea -> China (Korea has something like a crush on china, but perhaps china has mixed feelings towards it, and gets annoyed really easily when Korea is excited.)

Lithuania -> Belarus (canon) (Belarus only cares about Russia romantically, and aparently hates Lithuania with passion.)

Lithuania -><- Poland (Up to the RPers, but they do have a special relationship.)

Netherlands ———- Japan (canon) (Netherlands was the only country Japan would speak to during his isolation.)

Norway <- Iceland (Perhaps iceland has some feelings towards his brother, since he didn't seem happy when he found out they were brothers. Norway just loves him as brother.)

Prussia -> Italy (canon) (Prussia showed interest in Italy, and even asked him for a date.)

Rome -> Germania (canon) (Aparently those two have a complicated relationship. Rome likes Germania but the last one dislikes him a lot)

Russia -> China (This relationship is more like… stalker!russia trying to hurt china. But maybe he could be infatuated with him.)

Sweden -> Finland (Up to the Finlad RPer, in canon Finland hates to be called “wife”.)

Switzerland ->< Liechtenstein (Up to the RPers if they want them to be just like siblings or a pairing.)

UK -> America (canon). It’s up to America’s roleplayer if he likes UK too.
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