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Post  United Nations on Mon Aug 30, 2010 7:45 pm

Ok so. The auditions thing is like this: we give you a situation, and then you write how you think the character would react and what the character would say. It needs to be as detailed as possible, explanations for your character's actions are valid and will be taken in account.

Every audition will be send via Private Message to me. AND PLEASE ANSWER ALL THREE SITUATIONS

if you want to audition for a characters that's not here, let us know and we'll add it~

You can go for serious actions or comedy actions. Just make them in character. Remember to answer as the character.



1-You're Poland, and when you get home, you see they're painting your house green. What do you do and/or say?

2-Poland is trying to get Lithuania out of Russia's house but needs some help. Who does he ask for help? Why?

3-Prussia has threatened to take some of Poland's "vital regions" unless Poland gives back the territory he took. What does Poland decide to do?


1-Russia goes grocery shopping and finds China and Lithuania there, talking. What does he do/say/think?

2-You're Russia, one day, Belarus stops chasing you and beggin to love her. What do you think?

3-Russia gets a note where it says Poland and Lithuania are dating. What does he say/think/do?


1-Poland is trying to get Lithuania to wear girl's clothes because he thinks they would "look like totes adorable" on him. What do you do/say?

2-After being rejected to go on a second date with Belarus, what does Lithuania do? Does he wait for another chance? Who does he ask for advice?

3-America and Russia got into a little argument and now Lithuania has to decide who he will go and give advice to. Who does he chose? How does the other react?


1-Sealand tells Latvia he's going to make Russia recognize him. What does Latvia say or/and do?

2-Latvia loves poetry and romance novels (in canon.) Sealand found them, and he's mocking him for it. What does he do or say?

3-Latvia drinks a lot of alcohol (canon). What does he do/say/hink when Russia forbids him to drink alcohol?


1-England yells at Greece for telling France about how people participated in the Olympics naked. How does Greece react? What does he tell England and do to prove it?

2-Both Greece and Turkey are visiting Japan's and have promised him they wouldn't fight. How does Greece keep his end of the promise up? Does he try to provoke Turkey to hit him first?

3-Belgium's cat festival is coming up and Japan has invited Greece to come with him. What is Greece's reaction and thought?


1-Turkey and Greece are fighting again over stupid things. What would Egypt say/think/do? Would he stop them? How?

2-Italy comes back to Egypt to apologize for trying to invade him before. Egypt's reaction and reply?

3-France buys some spots from Egypt, but it seems he has bad intentions. What does Egypt do/say?

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what characters are still available?


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