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Coypasted from the original HQ. Rules by Katie (-BirthbySleep) with some minor changes

-STAY IN CHARACTER. We don't want OOC countries all over the forum. If you want to have an actual conversation with a role player, to, you know, make friends, please do it on AIM, MSN, Skype, PM (Private Messages here on the forum) or whatever other types of communication.
-BE NICE. We’re here to have fun okay? Role playing as a character who is mean or is angry is fine but if it comes down to you, the role player, being mean to another role player and it is OOC, that doesn’t fly here.
-PAIRINGS. BE CANON PLZ. There's a list with the countries connections, being romantic or not now, please respect it. Historical pairings are allowed, after the admins approves it. Send us a PM and explain the pairing to us. Also you should get in contact with the other country to see if they want the same.
-DO A LITTLE RESEARCH. Learn more about your country and see how they interact with other countries. It’s fun and you might learn something!
-HAVE FUN. This is the most important rule of all. We’re here because we love Hetalia and have fun role playing. So just enjoy yourselves. <3


-AIM/MSN/Skype info is allowed to be shared but not on your role play account. Please share it via PM.
-Do NOT trade personal information on the forum. There might be other people checking the forum. Or they will be at some point.
-The Admins are in control. If you do something against the rules, there will be consequences.
-AIM/MSN/Skype party information will be posted a head of time.
-If there is any other information added, something will be posted.
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