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Post  United Nations on Sun Sep 12, 2010 10:55 pm

Ok so we made our decision. It was very hard, because all of you were really good gdi :c believe me. But here it is, please don't feel bad if you didn't get picked!

England = Adori
France = Shinjicorn
Belarus = Pochii
Netherlands = Stopchangeingyoururls
Japan = Saemir
Norway = ameliajones
Belgium = Rosemary-ale
Prussia = Kurosawawawa
Liechtenstein = somethingintheway
Sealand = desdesdesuyo
Turkey = herrludwig
Denmark = danishaxe
Seychelles = chocoapollo
Estonia = laughingbear
Sweden = Burntscone
Ukraine = germma

After reading this, send me a PM filling the next

Name of your country's forum:
Description of the forum (optional):

Oh and please rearrange your profile like we said : | including username change and stuff. Thanks <3

I'll open auditions for the free characters tho!!
Congrats everyone!!! YOU ALL ARE GREAT RPEARS!!!!

United Nations
United Nations

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